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Custom Liners for Classic Pools - Oval Pools - 3.0m Wide
Custom Liners for Classic Pools - Oval Pools - 3.0m Wide
Custom Liners for Classic Pools - Oval Pools - 3.0m Wide
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Custom Prepared for Perfect Fit
  A genuinely heavy duty liner, 500 micron. Strong and durable - Ideal for Australian conditions.
Australian made quality
Each liner custom prepared to suit your pool brand, size and colour
Available to suit all Sterns models - Bahama, Coral Reef and others
This overlap liner hangs over the pool wall - Excess material can be trimmed or tucked under top rail.
Need to replace some or all of your coping strips?
Replacement Strips Available Here
UV Stabilised for maximum durability
Treated to resist algae for ease of maintenance
Suitable for use in salt chlorinated pools
Highest quality welding and production
The Highest Quality, custom made liner from Australia's largest supplier
This liner is constructed from Wide Panels resulting in fewer seams,  
Flat Seams - Seams are flatter and narrower than a traditional wedge-weld (as with most other liners).  
Special Joins - Leave no loose flaps or folds inside the pool (that otherwise trap dirt).  
8 Yeae pro-rate warranty available if you register with ABGAL  
Typical Liner Composition (print liner shown)
Invest in Your Pool's Future
You will see and feel the difference as you unpack and install this liner.
Every liner is quality inspected and comes with warranty documentation, and easy to follow instructions on care and maintenance.

Install you liner on a warm and sunny day
The liner will be more pliable and easier to handle
Above around 23 degrees C, you will find that is easier to position. Smoothing out-wrinkles will also be easier.
Take care removing the skimmer box fascia
This may be brittle and easily damaged
Re-using the skimmer fascia and return fittings in usually not a problem. These parts may be brittle after years of UV and chemical exposure.

So, avoid damaging these parts - Even if still available, they are usually difficult to source
Take care measuring the pool width
The correct way to measure and specify liner dimensions
Measuring the length is fairly straight forward - make sure you measure "wall to wall". Ignore the coping altogether.

Regarding width - Make sure you measure between opposite bracing (support) posts.
The pool will be slightly wider in-between these posts. Our liners allow for this.
Does it matter if the liner is a little longer?
When only a longer liner is available
Firstly, check your pool measurements again. Our selection of sizes will suit 90% of above ground pools in Australia.

Using a liner that is 100mm longer than the pool is not a major problem. You may have some extra fabric in the wall.

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