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Express Barracuda Technology

Express Baracuda - FREE Zodiac Leaf Catcher Pool Cleaner Package
Express Baracuda - FREE Zodiac Leaf Catcher Pool Cleaner Package
Express Baracuda - FREE Zodiac Leaf Catcher Pool Cleaner Package
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A price and Performance Breakthrough
Genuine Baracuda Technology at a never before seen price
Uncomplicated and reliable, this cleaner will suit almost any pool surface.
    Super reliable with only one moving part, it's not surprising Baracudas outsell all other cleaners.

Parts Universally Available !
Pool Shops will sell parts
for years to come. Getting
parts for other cleaners is
normally a nightmare.

Also available with 12m
Fully-Assembled Cleaner & Hoses
Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher
All Skimmer Connections
The Baracuda Finned
Disc ensures maximum
adhesion to all pool finishes.
    The flow-through Baracuda
Diaphragm is the only part
that even barely moves.
    The durable "shoe" holds
the disc in place and will
take years of punishment.
    The deflector wheel helps
avoid severe obstacles
such as tight corners.
    Requires only minimal suction
(e.g. only180 l/m) to operate
Works in most any Aussie Pool.

Express Product Brochure

pdf document      629KB

Express Owners Manual

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Boxed Set
Pre-Assembled Cleaner Head 10 meters of Baracuda Hose Mulit-Purpose
Zodiac Leaf Eater

* We dispatch each weekday morning (11am) via Registered Australia Post

* What happens if your not home for delivery?
   Easy, a card is left and your package can be collected from your local post office.

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Brilliant add-on for pools with heavy leaf loads
Installs "instantly" and extends even further, Baracuda's ability to handle heavy leaf loads
Key Reasons to buy
Traps leaves out of the "line-of-flow" and keeps your cleaner going

Quality superior to generic copies - greater capacity than most skimmer baskets
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