Pool Cover Rollers

A great pool cover needs a good roller

We carefully select or roller based on every-day practicality and beyond 10 year durability

Rest assured – Our rollers are substantially more functional and durable that what you might find on EBay

Apollo Roller – Clarity Cover on Turquoise Pool

Endurance Roller – 600 Micron Blue on Blue Pool

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Key Differences Between Roller Models

A summary of what we believe are the main things that distinguish the roller models:

Compact and understated.
Low profile, but still tall enough for easy use.
One hand wheel  – That is all you will ever need.

Full height, so its easy to reach the hand-wheels.
Can be extra helpful if you have a larger pool (above 9 or 10m in length)..

Same benefits as the white Endurance model. Many clients prefer the “Satin Black” frames. They find  less visually prominent.

This is a stainless steel “architectural” roller – Clients choose this model for minimal visual impact on their pool-scape.

Worth Noting – All of these rollers will suit virtually all pool sizes – All are available in lengths of up to 7.0m. The taller models are a little easier for regular daily use with larger pools.  For most clients with average sized pools, the final decision often comes down to simple visual preference.