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Daisy Pool Covers FAQ
Daisy Pool Covers FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Cover from Pool Express
Why our prices are so much lower than
Pool Shops ?
Is buying a cover from Pool Express safe?
How fast is delivery ? (hint : dispatch in 2 business days)
What happens after I place my order?
Do I need to be home when delivery takes place?
What benefits can I expect from my cover ?
Is a pool cover warranty important ?
(hint : Yes)
How do pool cover and roller warranties work?
Choosing a Pool Cover / Roller
250, 400 & 525 micron - What is the Difference?
How should I measure my pool ?
Should I Consider obtaining a Non-Heating Cover?
How much warmer will my pool become?
I have side steps/areas - What about the roller width ?
Dealing with wider side areas and the roller?
Using & maintaining your pool cover
How do I get leaves and debris off a cover ?
What about heavy rainfall - where does the water go ?
What is a UV "Over-Cover" - Is it important ?
Why prices so much lower than Pool Shops?
  There's no catch - quite simply, its a matter of quantity and our buying power.

  Whereas your local pool shop and other online retailers deal with 10, 20 or even 50 of these items, we deal with thousands - allowing us to offer unbeatable savings.
  Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients select pool covers perfect for their needs (all while saving hundreds of dollars compared to pool shop prices).
Is buying a cover from Pool Express safe?
  Absolutely - Orders are processed quickly, then custom prepared and dispatched from the warehouse - In just 2 - 3 business days.
  Clients with pending orders are kept updated by email as their order is prepared and dispatched.
We are a substantial and reputable dealer. We are infact the largest online dealer for pool covers in Australia.
How fast is cover preparation, dispatch and delivery ?
  Your cover is normally custom prepared (to your requird dimensions) and dispatched withing only 2 business days.
Dispatch occurs from Sydney for eastern states clients. West Australian orders are prepared in Perth.
Carriers such as Star Track Express offer a safe and reliable delivery service.
From dispatch, metropolitan deliveries typically take a further 2-3 business days. Allow an aditional couple business days for regional areas.
What happens after I place my order?
You receive aninstant receipt, confining sizes and your delivery details,
Your order is transmitted electronically to the national production centre,
Your goods are custom prepared (to your required dimensions) and dispatched, within 2 business days.
Your goods are dispatched directly to your home with national carriers such as Star Track Expres.
We pride ourselves in offering a fast, secure and reliable service - far cheaper and more efficient than our competitors.
What benefits can I expect from my cover ?
  The benefits are many and can certainly change the way you enjoy and maintain your pool:
Do I need to be home when delivery takes place?
No. Delivery staff are automatically instructed to leave your goods in a "sensible location". For example, at the front of the house or a carport.
  We deliver many thousands of similar orders. We have never heard of an order going missing.
If somehow, someone "removed your goods", we would certainly dispatch replacement items :)
When placing your order, you can provide additional details in the "comments" area (at the bottom of the checkout page).
Is a pool cover warranty important?
(Hint : Yes)
An honest warranty normally provides a good indication of the pool cover's life expectancy.
At issue - Not only the money you spend on a pool cover. Keep in mind, selecting, purchasing and then installing a pool cover can be a lot of work and effort.
Something best done only every 5-8 years and not ever second season.
But Unfortunately.... From our experience, the warranties of most other pool cover brands are worthless. For example:
Who do you contact?
Is there a company that will respond quickly?
What onerous requirements are there in order to make a simple claim?
* Warranties vary
   by product and
   are Pro-Rated
How do our pool cover and roller warranties work?
  Given the quality of this product, we hardly ever hear of warranty issues - despite selling thousands of items each year.
  Should however there be any issues (over the comming years), we and this major supplier provide support - Quickly and professionally.
  If in the comming years there is a warranty issue, you can either contact:
The manufacturer directly, or
Or ourselves dirctly - we then make all the arrangements.
  Existing Clients - Please register your warranty here
300, 400 & 525 micron - What is the Difference?
As you might know, pool covers are manufactured from two layers - The Top Flat layer (which faces the sun) and the bottom "bubble" layer (which faces down towards the water).

Micron Grade refers to the guage/thickness of this top layer.

Basically, if the top layer of the cover is "thicker", then the more years of punishment it can withstand from the sun.
The micron grade makes little or no difference to the cover in terms of heating performance.
So, the micron grade determines ONLY durability. This is why longer warranty periods apply to the higher micron grades.
How should I measure my pool ?
  Its simply a matter of measuring the longest and widest points -
One way to imagine this - "What size box would enclose the whole water area". You then only need to choose the closest dimensions on our pool cover (ordering) page.

We provide covers in increments of 10cm, so if necessary, please select the "next size up".
Should I Consider obtaining a Non-Heating Cover?
It comes down to personal preference - Basically, in extreme climates, there may be times of the year you would NOT like a warmer pool.
Remember, if the water gets too warm using a heating cover, you can always remove the cover for a few hours.
As an indication, 90% of our Brisbane clients prefer the heating cover. Its not until you get to places like Darwin, Port Headland or Central Australia that a non-heating cover becomes a sensible option.
How much warmer will my pool become?
Research commissioned by Daisy's consultants predicts impressive temperature rises - Shown in this table.

We belive this translates to double the swimming season for most Australia pools.
Location: Summer Spring
  Melbourne   4-6 oC   3-4 oC    
  Sydney   6-8 oC   4-6 oC    
  Brisbane   6-8 oC   6-8 oC    
  Perth   6-8+ oC   4-6 oC    
  Adelaide   6-6 oC   4-6 oC    

I have side steps/areas - What about the roller ?
Our ordering system makes it very simple to add a wider "step area" at the side of the pool.
Such areas may (in some cases) influence the required roller length.
In the example below, the required roller length depends on which end of the pool you intend to locate the roller.
Dealing with "Side Areas" wider than the roller.
This is a very common situation. Generally speaking, the roller can only be as wide as the pool's end-width (i.e., the width of the pool at the end where the roller is located).
Hence, in some cases, there may be "side areas" wider than the roller.Dealing with this situation

involves "folding-over" those side areas onto the main cover (prior to rolling-up the cover).

This is perfectly normal and does not harm the cover.

Why trim the cover 75mm outside the waterline ?
Trimming the cover 75mm outside the waterline means that the cover will curl-up slightly at the pool wall (but not extend above the coping).

This over-sizing and the resulting up-curl helps prevent the wind catching exposed edges.

Actually, installed this way, the effect of wind rushing across the pool is to create a downward pressure which pushes the cover onto the water.

Achieving this effect is simple and demonstrated in the installation video.
Do I order a larger cover to allow for upcurl ?
No - Simply select dimensions that match you pool's maximum length and width (or the next size up from our list of standard sizes).
We will deliver a larger cover that allows for this "over-sizing".
Specifically, we deliver a cover 300mm longer and 150mm wider than the sizes you select.
Can I really and easily self install covers and rollers ?
We sell many thousands of these items to ordinary pool owners. Virtually without exception, all those clients successfully self install their covers and rollers.
How do I get leaves and debris off the cover ?
Keep in mind, without a pool cover, every single twig and leaf entering the pool area is immediatly in the pool water. Those items need to be removed manually.
In other words, without a pool cover, all dust, debris and leaves need to be removed by a pool cleaner (automatic or manual). So, maintaing your pool with a pool cover will always be easier.  
A pool cover keeps such material "above" the pool. Much of that material will blow away the next time there is a strong wind.

TIP : If you have a "garden-blower", when necessary you can simply blast-away leaves and debri during dry weather.

That is much easier than cleaning debris from the pool floor manually.
What about heavy rain - where does the water go ?
This is hardly a problem. We recommend you make a couple of "cuts" at the edge of the cover where it runs past your skimmer box.
That leaves a " flat area" at the edge of the cover. Excess rain-water simply flows into the skimmer box.
What is an "Over-Cover" ? Is it important ?

When "off-the-water" (i.e., on the roller), covers can get quite hot.

During exended periods of hot weather, using an over cover will prevent to cover "over-heating" and extend the life of your pool cover.

All our roller packages are provided with a UV protective over-cover.
The Latest Innovation - UltraDome PlusTM
The New Titanium Colours - Are there Benefits ?
  Traditionally, most pool owners have prefered light blue covers. This colour tends to mimic the normal colour of most pools and minimize the cover's visual impact.
  UltraDome Plus provides
a new and stylish alternative.
The sun’s energy needs to pass easily through the cover material in order to enter and heat the water.
  The stronger and darker colouring really makes a "statement". This compliments many contemporary settings and geometric pool designs.  
These covers feature a transparent top layer.
Allowing sunlight to pass through more readily, this type of cover enhances the overall heating effecct.
The less energy lost passing through, the more energy available to warm the water
The UltraDome Plus clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.
Key Comparrison Factors
UltraDome Plus
Unique clear top layer
. no
Specially formulated translucent bottom layer
Modern colours looking better for longer
. no
Highest standard fade resistant
. no
Insulating properties
Eliminates 97% evaporation
Consistent bubble thickness for greater durability
2/3rds of total material in bottom layer
Eliminates weak points
Material tougheners
Industry leading warranty up to 10 years
500 micron cover thickness
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