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Why Ultrdome is Different

Abgal Cover Technology is Different
Uniquely manufactured to last longer
Most durable and famous brand on the market
Real Warranties, backed by a national company
Years of research under Australian conditions, has resulted in a technically innovative swimming pool cover design that is exclusive to Daisy.

A unique moulding technique enables the polyethylene (PE) bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness for greater strength and durability
Most Regular Covers   Abgal Smart Bubble Design
Regular cover manufacturing creates a stretched bubble shape.
This leads to weak points.
These week points are first to disintegrate and ruin the cover after just a couple seasons.
  Abgal manufacturing technology ensures consistent material thickness across the bubble shape.
This eliminates weak points and dramatically extends the life of the cover..
Microns Focused Where Needed the Most
Our covers concentrate the "micron thickness" at the bottom layer.
This is where extra thickness is needed the most - where the covers suffers attack from pool chemicals. Most covers on the market are nothing like this.
In practice, most covers that fail early do so because of chemical attack (rather than by UV Sunlight). Not surprisingly, it is the vaulnerable bottom layer that fails first.
The Latest Innovation - Transparent Top + Opaque Bottom
Including Silver Blue - New and Extra Heating Benefits
  Traditionally, most pool owners have prefered light blue covers. This colour tends to mimic the normal colour of most pools and minimize the cover's visual impact.
  UltraDome Plus provides
a new and stylish alternative.
The sun’s energy needs to pass easily through the cover material in order to enter and heat the water.
  The stronger and darker colouring really makes a "statement". This compliments many contemporary settings and geometric pool designs.  
These covers feature a transparent top layer. Allowing sunlight to pass through more readily, this type of cover enhances the overall heating effecct.
A Real Warranty - How other warranties often mean little
An honest warranty normally provides a good indication of the pool cover's life expectancy.
At issue - Not only the money you spend on a pool cover. Keep in mind, selecting, purchasing and then installing a pool cover can be a lot of work and effort.
Something best done only every 5-8 years and not ever second season.
But Unfortunately.... From our experience, the warranties of most other pool cover brands are worthless. For example:
Who do you contact?
Is there a company that will respond quickly?
What onerous requirements are there in order to make a simple claim?
* Warranties vary
   by product and
   are Pro-Rated
How do our pool cover and roller warranties work?
  Given the quality of this product, we hardly ever hear of warranty issues - despite selling thousands of items each year.
  Should however there be any issues (over the comming years), we and this major supplier provide support - Quickly and professionally.
  If in the comming years there is a warranty issue, you can either contact:
The manufacturer directly, or
Or ourselves dirctly - we then make all the arrangements.
  Existing Clients - Please register your warranty here :

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How Ultradome is Different