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300, 400 & 500 micron - What is the difference ?
Micron Grade refers specifically to the thickness of this top layer
Basically, if the top layer of the cover is "thicker", then the more years of punishment it can withstand from the sun. Hence, higher micron grades also have longer warranties.
A higher micron grade will also have a thicker bottom (bubble) layer. This side of the cover needs to withstand attacks by oxidising chemicals such as chlorine.
Please Note :
Micron Grade does NOT affect heating performance
Micron Grade only affects Durability
Why prices so much lower than Pool Shops ?
There's no catch - quite simply, its a matter of quantity and our buying power.
Whereas your local pool shop and other online retailers deal with 10, 20 or even 50 of these items, we deal with thousands - allowing us to offer unbeatable savings.
Is buying a cover from Pool Express safe ?
Absolutely - Orders are processed quickly, then custom prepared and dispatched from the warehouse - In just 2 - 3 business days.
We are a substantial and reputable dealer. We are in fact the largest online dealer for pool covers in Australia.
How fast is cover preparation, dispatch and delivery ?
Your cover is normally custom prepared (to your required dimensions) and dispatched within only 2 business days

Home delivery then only takes a further.2-4 business days, depending on your location.
Do I need to be home when delivery takes place ?
No. Delivery staff are automatically instructed to leave your goods in a "sensible location". For example, at the front of the house or a carport.
We take full responsibility. We guarantee to replace any goods that "go missing".
How should I measure
my pool ?
Its simply a matter of measuring the longest and widest points.
One way to imagine this - "What size box would enclose the whole water area". You then only need to choose the closest dimensions on our pool cover (ordering) page.
We provide covers in increments of 10cm, so if necessary, please select the "next size up".
How do I deal with Side or Step area ?
Our ordering system makes it very simple to add a wider side or step area to the main pool cover.
Collecting the cover onto the roller involves "folding-over" those side areas onto the main cover (prior to rolling-up the cover).
This practice is perfectly normal and does not harm the cover.
Why trim the cover 75mm outside the waterline ?
Trimming the cover 75mm outside the waterline means that the cover will curl-up slightly at the pool wall (but not extend above the coping).
Achieving this "over-sizing" effect is simple and demonstrated in the installation video.
This over-sizing and the resulting up-curl helps prevent the wind catching exposed edges.
Actually, installed this way, the effect of wind rushing across the pool is to create a downward pressure which pushes the cover onto the water.
Do I order a larger cover to allow for up-curl ?
No - Simply select dimensions that match you pool's maximum length and width (or the next size up from our list of standard sizes).
We will deliver a larger cover that allows for this "over-sizing".
Specifically, we deliver a cover 300mm longer and 150mm wider than the sizes you select.
How do I get leaves and
debris off the cover ?
Keep in mind, without a pool cover, every single twig and leaf entering the pool area is immediately "stuck" the pool water. Those items need to be removed manually. 
In other words, without a pool cover, all dust, debris and leaves need to be removed by a pool cleaner (automatic or manual). So, maintaining your pool with a solar cover will always be easier.
A pool cover keeps such material "above" the pool. Much of that material will blow away the next time there is a strong wind.
TIP : If you have a "garden-blower", when necessary you can simply blast-away leaves and debri during dry weather. 
What about heavy rain - where does the water go ?
This is hardly a problem. Water on top of the cover normally dries-up farily quickly.
Also, we recommend you make a couple of "cuts" at the edge of the cover where it runs past your skimmer box. 
That leaves a " flat area" at the edge of the cover. Excess rain-water simply flows into the skimmer box.
What is an "Over-Cover" ? Is it important ?
When "off-the-water" (i.e., on the roller), covers can get quite hot.
During extended periods of hot weather, using an over cover will extend the life of your pool cover.
Please Note - All our roller packages are provided with a UV protective over-cover.

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