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Daisy Ultradome is the most famous product on the Australian market - The first choice of professionals
Not only the most respected cover manufacturer in the market - Daisy is also the Largest - Not surprising that this one single company accounts for half the covers on Australian pools.
Years of research and continual development (under Australian conditions), has resulted in a technically innovative swimming pool cover design that is exclusive to Daisy.
What does that actually mean?
1 - Daisy Ultradome uses a superior polymer (plastics) formula
2 - This product's bubble design and the manufacturing process sets the industry benchmark
3 - This product is sourced from a significant Australian company with a national presence.
The tangible benefits for you
A - Expect years of extra use - Avoid early replacement, wasted cost and effort
B - Surprising heating performance - Enjoy swimming more often over longer periods of the year
C - There is a serious company, ready and able to support your warranty over the coming years.
How to Spot Low Quality Covers
- Our Tips
A huge number of our new clients have earlier suffered disappointment and wasted expense with inferior quality covers.
1 - Anything "off the roll" - Anything NOT custom made for your pool size/shape. Anything Not constructed of welded narrower sections running down the length of the pool (this adds strength)
2 - Anthing Not Australian Made - Anything from China - No matter whether from eBay or from a pool shop - To date, Chinese origin products have proven virtually "disposable"
3 - Anything not widely sold by many reputable Pool Shops - Yes, pool shops are expensive. But reputable local pool shops tend to avoid future customer complaints and recourse.
"Can't I just shop by micron grade?"
Unfortunately, No.
Within a particular brand / range, certainly a higher micron grade will provide a longer life for the cover.
But the design, manufacturing process and the formula of plastics used make an even greater difference - That varies enormously between brands.
For example, our basic 250 micron grade cover can be expected to outlast a typical "off the shelf" 500 micron covers sold on eBay.
The latest Daisy innovation
UltraDome Plus
with Titanium Colours
Uses a Transparent top layer for enhanced heating - Available in 525 micron Only
Traditionally, most pool owner's have preferred light blue covers. This tends to mimic the normal colour of most pools and minimize the cover's visual impact.

UltraDome Plus provides a new and stylish alternative. The stronger and darker colouring really makes a "statement". This compliments many contemporary settings and geometric pool designs.
The sun’s energy needs to pass easily through the cover's top later in order to achieve the greatest heating effect.
At the same time, the less energy lost passing through the bottom (bubble) layer, the more energy available to warm the water.
The new UltraDome Plus clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.

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How Ultradome is Different

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