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Why Inferior Covers Fail
Brand & Quality Matters
Don't Waste Money
A cover is an important investment - in  terms of both time and money. The last thing you need is to go through the buying and installation process in just a year or two.
We sell thousands of covers - Many of our clients tell us of horror stories  when we help replace their old covers.
Various covers may look the same. Fact is, they are designed and  manufactured very differently.
One may last over 8 years, the other less than 2 seasons.
Take a look at these image provided by clients - their covers (purchase on eBay) after less than 2 seasons.
1 - Poor Design from the start
Weak Points & Thin Bubble
Regular cover manufacturing creates a stretched bubble shape. This leads to weak points. These week points are first to fail.
Many products are fully or partly like this.
Our covers are produced with very even thickness.
2 - Polyethylene uses inferior UV and Oxidation Inhibitors
Early UV and Chemical Damage
Poor quality covers become "brittle" and fade, often after one or 2 seasons.
Covers break down for two reasons :
A - UV attack from the sun.
B - Oxidation due to pool chemicals.
The highest quality pool covers use 
polymers that:
1 - Contain the best/maximum additives to absorb/deal with UV damage,
2 - Include additional additives to deal with oxidation caused by pool chemicals.
3 - Poor Quality Control and Delamination
When buying a cover, you are trusting in the quality and control of the manufacturing process.
Pool covers are manufactured from two layers:
1 - the top flat sheet,
2 - the bottom sheet (with the bubbles)
When these two layers are fused together, poor quality control (e.g., inclusion of contaminants) can lead to "delamination" - separation of top and bottom layers.
This often becomes evident in hot weather when the bubbles expand.
Take a look at the below example of delamination. You can see that water has entered the space between the two cover layers.
How other warranties often mean little
An honest warranty normally provides a good indication of the pool cover's life expectancy.
At issue - Not only the money you spend on a pool cover. Keep in mind, selecting, purchasing and then installing a pool cover can be a lot of work and effort. 
Something best done only every 5-8 years and not every second season.
But Unfortunately.... From our experience, the warranties of most other pool cover brands are worthless. For example:
Who do you contact? Is there a company that will respond quickly?
What onerous requirements are there in order to make a simple claim?
How our warranties work
Given the quality of this product, we hardly ever hear of warranty issues - despite selling thousands of items each year.
Should however there be any issues (over the coming years), we and this major supplier provide support - Quickly and professionally.
If over the coming years there is a warranty issue, you can either contact :
The manufacturer directly, or
Or ourselves directly - we then make all the arrangements.
Warranties vary by micron grade and are Pro-Rata - (i.e. the percentage or coverage declines according to time).

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Other Pool Covers Fail
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