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Pool Liner Installation Tips
Pool Liner Installation Tips
Pool Liner Installation Tips
boyinred Pool Express Help - Liner Installation

Carefully lift the liner Carton into the Pool area, and place it in the centre of the pool. Carefully unpack your liner from the carton. Do not use any type of knife or sharp object to open the carton

With one or more people inside the pool, place it adjacent to one end (in the shallow or narrow end if applicable to your pool). Take care when handling the liner as sharp objects, even shoes, may damage it.
  Unroll the liner toward the other end of the pool and gently open it out making sure you do not disturb the level of the sand.
  Spread the liner so that the wall-to-floor seam lies evenly (about midway) on the coving around the edge of the pool. Place the top edge of the liner over the wall of the pool by about 150mm starting at each end first then at either side (see Diagram A).
  On some pools the liner may appear to be too small in the perimeter.This can be adjusted by evenly tensioning the perimeter of the liner as you place the top edge over the wall of the pool, attach the flat line coping progressively over the top of the wall to hold the liner in place.
  Check that there are no diagonal wrinkles in the wall of the liner as these indicate either an uneven overlap or the wall is not square with the bottom.This can be easily adjusted by moving the top of the liner in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction until all wrinkles disappear. Now check that the seams on the floor of the liner are running straight and that the base of the liner is flat with all the large wrinkles removed.

istock_000006842903xsmall1 There are 2 methods of removing the remaining wrinkles in the liner, the Hand method or the Vacuum method. Choose a method and follow the instructions below. N.B. If the pool has a deep end, you must use the Vacuum method..

Place a garden hose in the pool and be sure to remove any fittings that could damage the liner.The person fitting the liner should get into the pool just prior to fitting, as the liner can be slippery when it has a small layer of water on it.

Start filling the pool until you have 25mm of water over the entire floor. Now turn the hose off. Work out all the wrinkles in the floor by starting in the centre of the pool on your hands and knees (see Diagram B). Gently push the wrinkles out in a circular motion,
gradually moving all the surplus liner material to the edges of the pool.

IMPORTANT: If there is any more than 50mm of water on the liner, it will be impossible to move any wrinkles and persistence may cause damage to the liner.

Once you are happy that there are no wrinkles on the floor, adjust any surplus liner material over the edge of the pool and continue filling the pool until the water is 150mm deep. Remove the slack from the wall of the liner, section by section.The wall of the liner should not have any horizontal or diagonal wrinkles in it.

Liners are designed to fit snug without any excess tension. Secure the liner with the coping sections (as per your pool manufacturers instructions) and continue to fill the pool to 300mm deep.At this stage you need to check the tension of the line around the perimeter of the pool and if necessary remove the sections of coping near the affected area and release the tension.


Tape over the skimmer opening with a suitably sized piece of cardboard and masking tape. Place the hose of a vacuum cleaner (a Wet & Dry type is preferable) through the return hole in the wall of the pool until it is 300mm above the sand.Tape around the hose at the wall to make it seal (see Diagram C).

istock_000004857376xsmall Double check that the liner has no large wrinkles or surplus material and make sure it is secured by the coping strips. When the vacuum is turned on, youíll see the liner start to suck down to the walls.As it sucks down, continually work the wrinkles out toward the edge of the pool.You may have to switch the vacuum off to adjust the tension of the liner a couple of times.This is quite normal.

Once you have the liner vacuumed out and ALL the wrinkles removed, start filling the pool with your garden hose. Make sure any fittings on the hose are removed or protected so they do not damage the liner.

Now you can turn the vacuum off. Carefully remove the vacuum hose from the wall of the pool, making sure you get all the tape off and do not allow any to fall in behind the liner. Remove the cardboard from the skimmer with the same care also. Commercial vacuum cleaners are not recommended.

NOTE: Use footwear with soft flat soles to reduce indentations in the sand.
NOTE: You will need to progressively remove each section of the top deck to hang the liner and then temporarily replace the topdeck section.
NOTE. When filling a deepend pool, several weights (sand bags) need to be place on the liner around the 200mm ledge of the deepend section to prevent the weight of the water pulling the liner away for the sand coving.

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