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Grams Per Hour - What does 25 grams per hour mean?
  Its simply a measure of chlorine production.
"Grams / Hour" measures how much chlorine salt chlorinators produce, BUT expressed as equivalent grams of ordinary dry chlorine.

A 25 gm/Hr salt chlorinator doesn't produce "25 gm/Hr", BUT you would need 25 grams of dry chlorine to achieve the same result.
The smart way to extend the life of your salt chlorinator
  Buy a powerfully unit and run it below 100%
Most Salt Chlorinators have an output control.

If your pool could be get buy with a 17 gm/Hr salt chlorinator (running at 100%), it is smarter to get a 25 gm/Hr unit and run it at ONLY 75% output. This can add years the electrode's life span.

Pool Covers, Blankets and Solar Covers....The difference?
  Frankly nothing, they're all the same thing.
Pool owners and even manufacturers often interchange these terms. All pool covers help retain heat, so they are also "blankets". Furthermore almost any pool cover will help collect heat from the sun, hence it acts as a solar cover
Using a pool cover to deal with leaves the smart way.
  Use a garden blower to blast away leaf litter.
Pool covers do half the work by simply keeping leaves above the pool water. Once on top of the pool cover, leaves will often blow-away. Occasionally using an ordinary garden blower provides an instant solution. You should of course wait for "dry conditions"

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