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Installing a Salt Chlorinator
Installing a Salt Chlorinator
Intstalling a Salt Chlorinator
Easier than you may think
Adding a salt chlorinator can revolutionize your pool maintenance (and lifestyle). It goes without saying that it is well worth the effort.
Self installation is regularly performed by pool owners. Its not to difficult so long as care is taken (and the manual observed).
Installing a chlorinator means "inserting" the cell into the return line from the filter. This requires some basic plumbing.
adding salt
Salt is available at your local pool shop or larger hardware.
Add 3 x 25Kg bags of salt for each 10,000 liters of pool volume.
Simply plug you chlorinator to the power outlet. You then plug the pool pump to the underside of the chlorinators Powerpack.
Installing the chlorinator's cell
You simply need to "cut-in" the chlorinators cell into the return line (i.e. water returning to the pool and after the filter). The example below demonstrates the principle.
Prefer a professional to install ?
Your local or regular pool service technician should be able to perform the job in one hour. Typical costs should range between $75 - $110 (plus salt at around $6 a bag).

Typical Tools Required
Normally available at your local "Bunnings" or "Masters".

Pipe Cutting Tool (simple hacksaw)

1 - 2 meters 40mm PVC pipe(class 9 or 12)

2 - 4 x 40mm PVC Elbows (class 9 or 12)

Solvent Cement (PVC glue)

Disclaimer - information provided here is intended to serve as a general guide and it is assumed pool owners will consult their manual. if in any doubt regarding you competence to self-install, we recommend you contact your regular pool technician.

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