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The patented Abgal Smart Bubble product boasts Amazing heating performance, boosting water temperatures by 7-8 degrees.
Features a unique bubble shape design and polymer formulation.
Australian Made - Not Chinese like most covers on the market that use inferior materials - Easily outlasting such products by 300%
Prefer to Design Your Own Shape - If you know your pool dimensions, visit our Design Wizard
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Brooklyn 9.6 BREBRO9.6
Barrier Reef NSW/QLD
"9.6 x 4.4" Roller Normally 4.4m+
 Microns / Colour
 & Warranty
$ Retail Our

3 Years

5 Years

10 Years

10 Years

10 Years

10 Years

10 Years
Cover Price Inc. Free Roller Connections And Free Delivery

Cover Design Preview :

Pool Cover
to be Delivered

Roller 5.1m plus

MICRON - Water Length : = WATER LENGTH - Water Width : = WATER WIDTH - Side Step : = SIDE_STEP STEP POSITION - Side Step Length : = SIDE STEP LENGTH - Side Step Width : = SIDE STEP WIDTH - Step Distance from End : = DISTANCE END
Note: The cover will be delivered 200mm longer and 200mm wider (to allower for up-curl as the edges plus minor innitial length shrinkage)
Cover Total : $0.01
Includes Free
Connection Kit
Normally $35 Extra
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Useful Tips & Ideas for Swimming Pool Covers
Useful Tips & Ideas for Swimming Pool Covers
Pool cover micron weights, what do they mean?
  It determines durability, not performance
Micron weight refers to the density of the pool cover backing (the flat top-side that faces the sun). The denser this is, the more years of UV light it can withstand.

In terms of heating and water evaporation, these pool covers perform exactly the same
The smart and easy way to trim your solar pool cover
  Make sure the cover curls up the walls
We recommend you trim your pool cover 75mm outside the water perimeter. The resulting "upcurl" helps adhere the cover to the pool.

On the other hand, trimming the cover exactly at the water's edge is difficult and usually results in a visible "messy edge"

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