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Zodiac CX-20
Zodiac CX-20
Zodiac CX-20
 Got Extra Fine Dust :
 Got Extra Fine Dust :  
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  Price : 

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This is the first robotic cleaner we have tested that
offers reliability comparible with simple non-mechanical
Like the famous Zodiac Baracuda. Superb cleaning action.
Take a look at the video... a must see

  • Impeccable Cleaning - Amazing Coverage
  • Power and intelligence work together. Great targeted
    suction power and Physical Cleaning.
    Amazing pool coverage - normally even cleaning
    steps. Almost like a full manual pool vacuum
    and brushing... But, its perfomed automatically
  • Prevents Algae & Bacteria:
  • The powerful brushing helps prevent germination
    of algae and bacteria and reduces the need for
    using chemicals.
  • Floor, Wall & Waterline:
  • Thoroughly cleans and SCRUBS the pool floor, walls and
    waterline. Even normally climbs onto pool step areas
  • Fully plug and play via the eBox Connector
  • Full control of this unit via the eBox (See Below).
    The eBox connects between your power supply and
    the cleaner's 15m (low voltage) power lead.
  • Fast & Easy Clearing of Collected Debris
  • Easy and hygienic access to filter canister. Simply press thePush 'N' Go button to release the filter canister and easily empty debris.
  • Save on Electricity
  • This unit uses its own power source - Only 150 watts per hour ! Running this system an hour or two each day (all that is normally required) is much less expensive than extending your pump's running cycles - normally 1,0000 watts per hour.
  • 2 Years National Zodiac Warranty
  • This normally includes on site service - Should you need advice or support, simply contact us or Zodiac After Sales directly - 1300 763 021
  • eBox Control Options
  • The eBox control panel allows you to select whether to clean floor only or floor and walls (at the touch of a button).
  • Great With Large Debris - Even Gumnuts !
  • Captures and collects large debris such as leaves and gum nuts while ensuring constant suction and performance.
  • Surface Control System (SCS)
  • The eBox comes equipped with a Surface Control System which lets you adjust for cleaning on smooth or rough surfaces. The LED lights on the eBox provide instant feedback that indicates the current pump strength - That helps you know when it is time to empty the cleaner's filter.

In action scrubbing the pool's waterline
The CX-20 typically climbs onto step areas
The 15m cable allows easy movment around
even large pools


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