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Why use Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner
Pool Cleaners
Most any brand of pool cleaner will vacuum up leaves. So why do we recommend Zodiac Baracuda ?

With no mechanical parts, its the most reliable pool cleaner around. Because parts are widely sold, you wont be stuck with a useless pool cleaner in the future........
Use of Pool Covers
Solar Pool Covers
A pool cover can have an amazing effect on your water temperature and length of swimming season.

Pool covers almost eliminate water loss by evaporation. Also, leaves and debris are stopped at the pool cover where they can blow away with the next gust of wind........
Use of Salt Chlorinator
Salt Chlorinators
A salt chlorinator is a must for any pool and Zodiac Clearwater is Australia's most popular brand.

First of all, a salt chlorinator will save you considerable time and money. Moreover, a chlorinator will actually sanitize your pool
better than traditional chlorine..

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