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Nature2 Express Kit inc. Cartridge
Nature2 Express Kit inc. Cartridge
Nature2 Express Kit inc. Cartridge
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Simple automatic treatment with multiple benefits
  Nature2 Express uses minerals to destroy bacteria and algae. It dramatically reduces pool maintenance - either as a stand alone unit or in combination with an existing systems (such as salt chlorinators).
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Capacity: 95,000L Typical Size: 11m (36') x 5.5m (18')
Key Reasons to Buy
Easy to DIY Install ~6 month cartridge life
Amazingly pleasant water Reduce chemical usage and cost
pH easier to control    
Manufacturer Direct Warranty - Read More
  5 years - Backed by Zodiac Australia
How does Nature2 Express work?
  Water (from your filter) simpy flows through the Nature2 Express Pool sanitizer which contains a layer of minerals which destroys bacteria and algae. The low levels of Copper & Silver actually exceed drinking water standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Using a Nature2 sanitizer means you can:
Treat the pool automatically (despite the Nature2 not requiring any electricity and having no moving parts) ideally running filtration on a time clock,
significantly reduce the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine in your pool (and of course save on chemical costs),
experience (through continuous use) less suspended mater an more consistent pH balance,
Very easy to for anyone to install
Nature2 Express is simply "inserted" into the return pipe-work (i.e. after the filter).
Supplied complete with a simple installation kit,
Only a power-drill and screwdriver are required.
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Nature2 Express comes in two sizes - to suit 40mm & 50mm pipework (40mm being more common). If in doubt about the size of your pipework - simply measure using the guidline above and select the appropriate size option when ordering.

Brochures & Owner's Manuals

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Installation Kit
& Instructions
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