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Leaf-Stop - Above Ground Leaf / Debris Cover
Leaf-Stop - Above Ground Leaf / Debris Cover
Leaf-Stop - Above Ground Leaf / Debris Cover
 Approximate Pool Size :
 Approximate Pool Size :  
 Add the Optional Floats :
 Add the Optional Floats :  
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Price : 

ABGAL Leaf-Stop - Debris & Winter Cover
Heavy duty, light-weight woven polypropylene cover made from an exclusive blend of micro-mesh fabric.
Extremely simple to install and remove - A stretch cord is threaded through eyelets along the edges - ("shower cap fitting").
Rain-water to pass through, but prevents evaporation by 64%.
Completely seals your pool - for days or months at a time.
Clearing Leaves - 2 Options:
1 - Automatically discarded whenever your remove the cover.
2 - Uses the optional floats - See images below - These create a slope - Leaves and debris can then simply fall away. Floats measure 108cm x 80cm x 40cm (high)
Generous Overlap of 300mm allows fitting over the pool coping and ladder,
Gromets (eyelets) are fitted at 400mm spacing,
The stretch-corde ("bungee style") is marine grade and pre-fitted to the edge,
Pool Length   Recommended
Number of Floats
Up to 5.5m   1 to 2
Up to 7.5m   2 to 3
Up to 10m   3 to 4
Up to 12.5m   4 to 6


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