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Daisy Pool Covers
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250   BLUE   3yrs  
400   BLUE   5yrs  
525   BLUE   8yrs  
525   TITANIUM BLUE   8yrs  
525   TITANIUM GREEN   8yrs  
blue titanium_blue titanium_green
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Learn to love your pool again
  Swim Longer - Save Water - Save Work
and Maintenance - A must for any pool.
Heating Performance - Daisy is widely rated as the most effective solar cover on the market
Brand - Daisy pool covers are the only type sold by the very best pool shops
Durability - The Daisy pool cover bubble shape outlasts other brands - Read More
Value - Our pool cover prices save you hundreds of dollars on this quality brand
Why are these prices so low?
There's no catch - quite simply, its a matter of quantity.
Whereas your local pool shop and other online retailers deal with 10, 20 or even 50 of these items, we deal with thousands - allowing us to offer unbeatable savings.

pool cover cover quality matters
We recommend starting with Fresh Connections - In Part or Total
Start the job, knowing you have everthing you need for sucessfull completion.
This connection kit give you all options.
Connection Kit Inclussions :
10 x Cords (cover to roller)
10 x Ready prepared adjustable cords (you don't have to tie knots)
10 x Eyelets (for the cover)
1 x Eyelet punch (to make holes in the pool cover for the eyelets)
10 x Feather plugs (for the roller tube)
1 x Drill bit for feather plugs (should you need to drill new holes in the roller tube)
pool cover cover quality matters

Location: Summer Spring
  Melbourne   4-6 oC   3-4 oC  
  Sydney   6-8 oC   4-6 oC  
  Brisbane   6-8 oC   6-8 oC  
  Perth   6-8+ oC   4-6 oC  
  Adelaide   6-6 oC   4-6 oC  
Regular cover manufacturing creates a stretched bubble shape.
This leads to weak points.
These week points are first to disintigrate and ruin the cover after just a couple seasons.
Award-winning Ultradome technology ensures consistent material thickness accross the bubble shape. This eliminates weak points and dramatically extends the life of the cover.

250, 400, 525 Micron
Top Layer - Translucent
Bottom - Translucent

525 Micron Only
Top Layer - Translucent
Bottom - Clear

525 Micron Only
Top Layer - Translucent
Bottom - Clear

525 Micron Only
Top Layer - Opaque
Bottom - Opaque

titanium_cool titanium_cool titanium_cool titanium_cool

Useful Tips & Ideas for Swimming Pool Covers
Useful Tips & Ideas for Swimming Pool Covers
Pool cover micron weights, what do they mean?
  It determines durability, not performance
Micron weight refers to the density of the pool cover backing (the flat top-side that faces the sun). The denser this is, the more years of UV light it can withstand.

In terms of heating and water evaporation, these pool covers perform exactly the same
The smart and easy way to trim your solar pool cover
  Make sure the cover curls up the walls
We recommend you trim your pool cover 75mm outside the water perimeter. The resulting "upcurl" helps adhere the cover to the pool.

On the other hand, trimming the cover exactly at the water's edge is difficult and usually results in a visible "messy edge"

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