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Covers Different Mobile
Covers Different Mobile
Covers Different Mobile
How These Covers Are Different
World Leading
Pool Cover Technology
Daisy Ultradome is Different
Manufactured to last longer
Real National Warranties
Years of research under Australian conditions, has resulted in a technically innovative swimming pool cover design that is exclusive to Daisy.
A unique molding technique enables the polyethylene (PE) bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness for greater strength and durability. 
Covers With Stretched Bubble - Weak Points
Microns Focused Where Needed the Most
Our covers concentrate the "micron thickness" at the bottom layer. This is where extra thickness is needed the most -  Most covers on the market ignore this this need.
The bottom bubble layer is where the covers suffers attack from pool chemicals.
In practice, most covers that fail early do so because of chemical attack (i.e., evan before damage caused by UV Sunlight).
The Latest Innovation
UltraDome Plus
with Titanium Colours
Transparent top layer for enhanced heating - Available in 525 micron Only
Traditionally, most pool owner's have preferred light blue covers. This tends to mimic the normal colour of most pools and minimize the cover's visual impact.

UltraDome Plus provides a new and stylish alternative. The stronger and darker colouring really makes a "statement". This compliments many contemporary settings and geometric pool designs.
The sun’s energy needs to pass easily through the cover material in order to enter the water.
The less energy lost passing through, the more energy available to warm the water.
The new UltraDome Plus clear top and translucent bottom is a winning layer combination as both layers allow maximum sun energy to pass through without interruption.

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How Ultradome is Different

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